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• 5/23/2018

More Discussion on the future of Bloodline's/Possible Sequel.

'The future of the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 franchise will rely on the implementation of a “seven-to-ten year cycle,” according to Paradox Interactive’s CEO. In an interview with PCGamesN at PDXCon this weekend, Fred Wester said the company were considering ongoing possibilities for the franchise.
Wester says “we are experimenting with a couple of the White Wolf brands right now,” but are aware that a new franchise can’t be immediately started from scratch ("if you’re going to build a big franchise you need to think in a seven-to-ten year cycle”) and that if the Vampire IP was to receive that kind of attention, “we need to know what the next ten years are going to look like.”
A new Vampire game does seem to be something relatively high on Paradox’s list - Wester acknowledges that a second Vampire game “is an obvious choice” - but it’s not something they can begin yet - “it needs to feel right, it needs to be the right team [...] for the game.” '
(From article here)
Thought this was interesting, however, it's very similar to what Paradox spoke about at last year's PDXCON. They generally said the same thing as above. But still, as long as it keeps being talked about and brought up, things look at least a little hopeful for a Bloodlines sequel.
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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/13/2017

How to get a humanity of zero?

After I hit three it stopped dropping. even when I lied to mercurio about losing his money and stole the charity box in the gallery.
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• 4/12/2017

The bum at the starting haven entrance

Is there a page where the first dialogue tree with this character is displayed? If not does anyone have the consequences of each answer in this conversation? Also I feel this is a missed opportunity in the game as this character would fit well as a lookout for your haven for you or your antagonists. Well as it is he seem to be another bloodbag but I would still like to have the first conversation I have after the tutorial in the Wiki?
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• 2/22/2017

Secret dancing wolf ending?

So I've been trawling about the web for a while after getting all the available endings in my playthrough.
However, I often hear indirect and vague references to the "dancing wolf" ending, which I looked up and found this.
From what I gathered, it requires a special set of circumstances that need to be met, as well as playing on a specific version of the unofficial patch plus, initiating the ending sequence with low humanity and an amount of other unverifiable various actions as well as going with any ending that lets you slash LaCroix's throat, and doing so; upon which the special dialogue option appears.
I ask this here, if anyone is able to provide with me a list of the most basic requirements to achieve this ending. Thanks in advance.
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• 5/6/2015

Image problems

Good morning,
As you may have noticed recently, many images on your community are not currently displaying correctly. Unfortunately, due to a server misconfiguration, the images appear to have been lost from our servers.
We are going to try and restore everything that we can using a variety of methods, but we are not confident that we'll be able to restore all of them. We will keep you up to date with our progress on this.
We understand this may be quite frustrating, and we are very, very sorry for this issue. In our research, we have discovered that the number of affected communities is very low (only eight in total), and this is not something that should ever occur again.
Please let us know if you have any questions!
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• 8/3/2014

Sebastian LaCroix - Camarilla Ending??

So does anybody know (or what do you guys think) happens to Sebastian after choosing the Camarilla Ending???
Thank you! :D
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• 4/11/2014

What would happen to Mercurio if you went with the non-Camarilla ending?

I suppose, in some ways, spoilers? I'm not sure, considering how old this game is and how inactive this seems to be, but hopefully someone might be able to help me out!
I was wondering, if you opted to not go with the Camarilla ending and therefore let Sebastian LaCroix die - what would happen to his Ghoul, Mercurio? Or, I suppose, in general, what happens to a Ghoul if their 'master' (?) dies? Can they take blood from someone else or will they go back to 'normal' living without their particular 'brand' of blood? 
I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me out, and if I've somehow missed the answer to this elsewhere, I'm sorry!
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• 3/30/2014

What happened to the protagonist in the end of the game?

well yeah, this is the letter
i wanna know what the hell hapenned with the protagonist, so smiling jack planted a bom on the ankaran sarcophagus, did the character die or what?
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• 1/3/2014

Focus of this wiki.

There seems to be a lack of focus on the main subject of the wiki, that being "Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines". A lot of articles stray into material that is exclusive to the pen and paper RPG, for example the entire article on the Dominate discipline, which has no useful information relating to the game, or material from mods to the base game which are not noted as being such.
Is this not something worth reviweing across the entire wiki, or is this game just too old for anyone to care enough?
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