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Whatever you do in my city, I will hear about it. Seattle is firmly under my control.
―Alec Cross

Alec Cross is the Ventrue Prince of Seattle and the leader of the Camarilla Faction. He is a skilled negotiator and strategist, securing his position as Prince from Lou Grand of The Pioneers around the millennium. He has far-reaching influence in the investment banking and technology sectors flourishing in modern-day Seattle.

If the protagonist violates the Masquerade Zone (Icon).png Masquerade, Prince Cross will send his enforcers to reprimand them.

Breaking the masquerade prompts for the option of the protagonist to join Cross' "clean-up crew" which is run by a character named Bart.


  • "Alec Cross" is likely a modernized play on the surname of the Prince of Los Angeles from Bloodlines 1, Sebastian Lacroix. The English translation of the French word "Lacroix" is "The Cross".
  • Alec Cross was first introduced in the Bloodlines 2 Announcement Trailer.


  • Sebastian Deredas was responsible for the modeling, texturing, and shading of two Bloodlines 2 characters and some weapons for the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 - Announcement Trailer.