Animalism is a Discipline that brings the vampire closer to their animalistic nature. This not only allows them to communicate with and gain dominance over creatures of nature, but gives them influence over the Beast itself. It is particular common among the clans that are most removed from humanity, though many of its powers specifically target the Beasts of mortals and Cainites.


Lv Name Duration Cost Description XP Cost
1 Nightwisp Ravens Instantaneous 1 Ravens incapacitate the victim for a short time. Any action taken against the victim will disperse the flock and end the effect prematurely. None
2 Burrowing Beetle Instantaneous 1 A bonecrunching beetle flies to the victim, causing damage as it burrows deep into their body. 5
3 Spectral Wolf Instantaneous 2 A spectral wolf materializes, attacks the target, and then returns to the ether. 10
4 Bloodsuckers' Communion Instantaneous 3 Ghostly bats attack the target, draining its blood, then deliver the blood to their master. 15
5 Pestilence Instantaneous 3 Insect swarms descend upon all victims in an area, devouring their flesh and possibly killing them. 20




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