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Antediluvians are vampires of the Third Generation with incalculable power, each of whom survived the Biblical Deluge. Some of the survivor vampires are considered to be the founders of the thirteen clans.

Most believe these god-like beings to be either in the supernatural sleep or dead, but there are a large number of myths and prophecies surrounding the clan founders, many of which are contradictory and suspect.

While some clans regard their progenitor favorably, as a whole the Antediluvians are often portrayed as boogeymen that will one day rise and devour their descendants. There are rarely reasons given for this, but clanwide purges have occurred in the past and Gehenna is seen as a time of blood and reckoning for Cainites.

The Camarilla asserts that the Antediluvians are dead or never even existed, and actively persecutes those who publicly say otherwise. However, the Sabbat adheres to a pseudo-religious creed claiming it as their duty to destroy the Antediluvians and their servants.


The word antediluvian comes from Latin ante – before; diluvium – flood.


  • Technically, since "Antediluvian" literally means "before the flood", the term Antediluvian can be applied to any Cainite who dates before the Great Flood, such as Caine or the Second Generation, but it normally refers to the Third Generation.


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