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B-Rated Writer is a quest available in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


After completion of Hot Stripper Assassin Action! Velvet Velour will mention an acquaintance of hers, David Hatter, an aspiring screenwriter. Hatter has been a regular visitor at Vesuvius for some time and VV is quite fond of him. Recently he had become excited at a breakthrough in his writing, a screenplay describing the existence of supernatural creatures--namely the Kindred. As this information must have come from a Kindred, VV asks the player to locate Hatter and attempt to get the screenplay from him, and then to reveal the name of his co-conspirator for justice. The price of betraying the Masquerade is death but VV demands that Hatter not be touched, but that his vampire accomplice be killed as justice.


  • Note: Persuasion or Seduction is useful when speaking to Hatter.

After speaking to Velvet, go to the Luckee Star Motel where Hatter is a desk clerk. If the player has visited the location before Hatter will have mentioned his screenplay and the player can then ask more about it. The player will have the option to ask for the screenplay using Persuasion or Seduction, saying they can deliver it to a studio. Hatter will accept and then, with prompting using Persuasion, be urged to reveal the name of his accomplice. It is Julius, one of The Santa Monica Thin Bloods.

Travel to the Santa Monica Pier where Julius is alone on the beach and confront him. Julius will explain that he did not know what he had revealed was secret, as he does not even know what he is. He will beg for the player's mercy. The player has two options:

  • Execute Julius to redeem the Masquerade (earning 1 EXP)
  • If your Humanity is high enough, allow Julius to flee Los Angeles, never to return (no EXP, earns 1 EXP with the Unofficial Patch)

Whichever method is chosen, return to VV. She will then ask the player to destroy the screenplay, unable to do so herself as she cares for Hatter and it is his greatest work of art. Regarding Julius the player will simply tell her it has "been taken care of," which she accepts, and thus there is no penalty for sparing his life.

Known bug

If the player spoke to Hatter prior to the quest, such as when visiting the motel during Mudd Hunt, and threatened him about his screenplay, he will be in a permanent state of fear and can therefore not provide the screenplay or Julius's name to complete this quest. There is no known fix for this.

  • Feeding on him while he cowers from you *might* allow to talk to him later.

Quest Log

Log Entry
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: Upon receiving quest:
David Hatter is a writer who works as the night clerk at the Luckee Star motel. He has written a screenplay about Kindred society with an unknown collaborator. The manuscript and the collaborator must be destroyed, but VV wants you to spare Hatter..
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: After acquiring the manuscript:
You got the manuscript from David Hatter. Now you must get him to tell you the name of his collaborator.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: After getting the collaborators name:
You have been successful in your quest to obtain David Hatter's collaborator's name. It's Julius, one of the thin-bloods that hangs you on the beach in Santa Monica.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: If Julius is killed:
You killed Julius, David Hatter's collaborator. You should tell VV about this.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: If Julius is spared:
You allowed Hatter's collaborator, Julius, to flee town with the understanding he is never to return. You should inform VV that he's been taken care of.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: Upon completion if Julius was killed:
You killed Julius, David Hatter's collaborator, thereby protecting the Masquerade.

Quest Complete (Icon).png Quest Complete

  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: Upon completion if Julius was spared:
You allowed Hatters' collaborator, Julius, to flee town with the understanding he is never to return, thereby protecting the Masquerade in Los Angeles.

Quest Complete (Icon).png Quest Complete


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