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Baron is a title used by the Anarch Movement. By its simplest definition, a baron is the Anarch Movement's equivalent of a Prince. Los Angeles and the Free States were all ruled by Barons up until 2003, when the Prince Sebastian LaCroix emerged.


When all is said and done, a Baron is a Kindred with all the responsibilities of a prince, but without the tools. He can’t count on the respect that the prince’s title inspires, because he doesn’t have the strength of a prince. In addition to having less political clout than most princes, a baron isn’t necessarily one of the eldest or most powerful Kindred in a region.

The anarchs believe in a system that awards merit, and that means the best administrator in a city – and thus, the best baron – could easily be 70 years old and a pushover as compared to the ruthless prince in the next city who’s seen three centuries since her breathing days. The anarchs know that any territory with even a modest Kindred population requires someone to moderate it. Most of the Baron's time is devoted to mediating conflicts and disputes between Kindred, orchestrating agreements with other local Kindred leaders (both within the movement and the other sects) and enforcing those traditions that even the anarchs must obey.

Known Barons


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