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Beast, The
The primal drives of a vampire that threaten the Kindred into becoming uncontrollably ravenous and/or zombie like

The Beast refers to the innate demonic predator that awakens in each and every vampire upon their Embrace. The Beast stands in direct opposition to a vampire’s Humanity (and in some cases the Path Of Enlightenment) and is responsible for many of the debased urges Cainites feel on a nightly basis. In times of extreme distress the Beast can overwhelm a vampire forcing them into a state of pure animalistic fight or flight, which is referred to as Frenzy or Rötschreck.

Ways to subdue the Beast

A vampire with high Humanity will almost never frenzy. More so, if a vampire achieve Golconda, (s)he will never frenzy again. Also, some Animalism powers can subdue the Beast.


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