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They call me Bishop Vick, Shepherd of the Damned, your midnight guide through our last days here on earth.

Bishop Vick is the leader of an apocalyptic vampire faction, the Brotherhood of the 9th Circle, and a minor antagonist.

While Vick hates his vampiric nature and wishes to destroy everything, he is very competent in using vampire Disciplines. He is a powerful vampire who uses Celerity as his main Discipline. He is a specialist in firearms, dealing much damage with his shotgun.


At some point in the past, Vick was Embraced by an unknown Toreador Kindred. This Embrace left Vick with a trauma and a warped worldview.


Vick is the final Brotherhood boss, in quest A Plague for the Angels, after his disciples Jezebel Locke and Brother Kanker have been killed. And, like them, he will try to convert you to the Brotherhood. The player cannot, however, comply. After the player's refusal, he will try to kill the fledgling with his Disciplines and his brainwashed zombies.


  • The title of Bishop is one used in the Sabbat to denote a leader of a certain area, much like the Anarch Baron. This suggests that The Brotherhood may be a Sabbat pack.
  • In the Clan Quest mod, he is a Malkavian and his use of Celerity is a result of Diablerie.


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