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Primarch Anubis Primarch Anubis 20 May 2020

The Sword of Gunze

  • 1 The Sword of Gunze
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Revised 18 May, 2020, for WD4.4x & V20 By Joshua Lee Peryea (

Slayer of Oni, Executioner of Akuma, Wrath of Kami (Spirits, Gods or Heavens)

In 1310 C.E., the village of Tomakomai, on the island of Hokkaido, suffered a plague of Oni. The Oni wished to make Nippon into the next and most powerful Hell. The Five Courts native to Tomakomai could not stop the Oni's Evil. Five shen sorcerers then joined forces, after the Oni destroyed the ruling Courts. Misawa Rai-ki, the Chi'n Ta (Mage). Nakano Junik…

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ImperialistControlFreak ImperialistControlFreak 2 July 2019

Troika Special - Spoiled Cat Fish

At the Surfside Diner, there are countertop promo signs that feature the Troika Special, a "spoiled cat fish" dish, which doesn't actually contain any catfish, but consists of: 

  • Chopped lettuce
  • Smoked bacon 
  • Grilled avocado 
  • Grilled chicken 
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Cheese
  • Served with the diner's herb ranch or the customers choice of dressing

Fairly priced at $456.45

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SonsuzEvren SonsuzEvren 6 April 2019

Admin rights

Hey everyone! I don't know if there are any active users anymore, but I should make a blog informing this. I am planning on requesting admin rights for this wiki as there are no more active admins. By being an admin I could modify the home page adding new info and implement new ideas. What do you guys think (if there is still anyone here)?

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Night Vision Night Vision 13 September 2015


After spending several months working on this Wiki, I think there is something more I can do here – for this, I need to become part of the administration. I have some ideas and improvements that I could implement only with admin rights (like, for example, new layout). Given Hinged’s relative inactivity, I don’t believe it’s a bad idea to have another admin here, especially when I’m actually here every day and I’m controlling the situation. I had already left an adoption request, and I’m told to inform active users about this matter. What do you think?

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Chronias Chronias 9 February 2015

Velia LeQuella (Masquerade)

Velia LeQuella is an elusive elder who despite having neither actual notice form nor direct contact with any of the extant sects appears to be disturbingly up-to-date about Kindred events - attributed to her by intermediaries claiming to act on behalf of the "Triluscus" who is said to appear in dark dreams.

Embraced into persecution by she set into in her more practical dealings in current nights she is a telepath, a silent information broker and counselor to hidden designs of plots that may as well take centuries to earn fruition, from which she is anticipating to profit in showing Kindred that the Curse of Caine might as well be much easier to bear, and to both Kindred and Kine that the Path to spiritual balance is open for eveyone who has…

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LordofBraxis LordofBraxis 22 December 2013

VTM Universe

Hey guys. Let's interact a bit! Tell me here why do you like Vampire: The Masquerade universe!

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