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A blood hunt is an order given by the prince of a city, calling for the Final Death of another Kindred. Such an order is usually given whenever a Kindred has committed a serious offense, such as kinslaying, diablerie, breaching the Masquerade, invasion of domain that has resulted in any of the above offenses, or any other behavior that a prince deems to be a sufficient threat to the safety of the Masquerade and the Kindred of the city as a whole. Princes have used the Blood Hunt as a means to eliminate political or personal opposition as well, although this is, strictly speaking, forbidden, and the misuse of the blood hunt can have severe consequences on the prince in the long term.

Any Kindred who hears the order for a blood hunt is expected to participate, although it's not required unless the Kindred in question has committed truly serious offenses (such as deliberately or repeatedly violating the Masquerade). Typically, the damned have until midnight to escape the city. If they don't, then they are open to retribution by their fellow Kindred. Any Kindred who provides assistance to the target of a blood hunt will often become the next to be hunted.

Some vampires use the blood hunt as a time to settle scores and get rid of rivals and enemies, and no few vampires have indulged in the chance to commit diablerie on their target or on other vampires who had the misfortune to get caught in the crossfire.

The traditional legal institution behind the blood hunt is the Lextalionis, or lex talionis, a legal principle that can be summarized as "an eye for an eye".

During the course of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines two blood hunts are called by Prince LaCroix, the first on Nines Rodriguez for the murder of Dr. Alistair Grout and the second against the fledgling.


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