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Blood Points are units of vital energy obtained from blood. They are spent to fuel Disciplines and maintain a Kindred's existence. Blood points do not represent pints of blood but the energy, or vitae, found in it. The maximum number of blood points a Kindred can have at one time depends on the depth of their blood pool. Those with deeper pools do not have more blood inside them, they have more vitae.

Different creatures provide different amounts of blood points. Healthy, strong humans provide more points because their blood contains more vitae per pint than that of unhealthy or starving humans. The average human provides between 5-6 blood points, weaker humans provide 2-3, and stronger humans provide 7-9.

Animals such as rats usually provide far less vitae than humans. Most vampires obtain only a single blood point from feeding on rats while others gain no benefits or, like Ventrue, cannot feed on them at all. The Nosferatu are an exception. They have become accustomed to surviving on animals and are able to gain three points from feeding on rats.


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