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The Blood Pool represents the maximum amount of vitae a vampire can store at once. It consists of blood points which are spent to sustain the vampire's existence. A full blood pool is necessary for Kindred to maintain control over the Beast and continue to function. Without blood they cannot use Disciplines or spend blood to heal and are much more likely to frenzy.

Kindred with deeper blood pools have to feed less often but, because they can hold so many more blood points, they need to consume much more blood to refill their blood pool. This fact feeds into the fear that one day Antediluvians will emerge from their torpor and devour their kin. The number of blood points in a Kindred's pool also indicates their generation. The deeper the pool the more powerful they are and the closer they are to Caine. Kindred who successfully engage in diablerie lower their generation and, in so doing gain, a deeper blood pool.


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