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Caitiff, also called Clanless, are vampires who do not belong to any clan. The term is traditionally used by the Camarilla.

While Caitiff are Embraced normally by existing clans and bloodlines across the gamut of Kindred existence, something seems to happen between sire and childe. Either certain defining traits are not passed along in the Embrace, or some manner of imprinting is missing. As a result, the childe inherits none of their sire's clan's Disciplines or weaknesses. They often only inherit the more common Disciplines. The lack of clan weakness is something which particularly galls the Nosferatu.

The Sabbat have their own society of "clanless", but for political reasons gave the group official recognition as their own clan/bloodline, in spite of no inherent group-wide ties of blood, common Disciplines, or any other sense of community or loyalty. Mockingly named Panders, for their "founder", Joseph Panders, who led the political coup against the Sabbat leadership that established the "Clan".

Caitiff are stereotypically young, thin-blooded (generally 8th or higher generation) and considered persona non grata. Staunch traditionalists are known to send the Scourge after them.

Caitiff in Los Angeles

Wherever there is Kindred, there is Caitiff. Los Angeles is no exception, but the freedom present in the Anarch Free States gave them for a time the same rights as any Kindred, provided they aren't Thin Bloods. An example of this freedom is Amethyst, who rose to become Baroness of Santa Ana.

Notable Members


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