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Check, check. Is this thing recording? God, I hate these things. Uh, anyway. The, uh, McGee case is getting weirder all the time. I found where he's been hiding, and I saw some really creepy stuff down there. There was also no sign of McGee down there. I'm gonna follow up on another lead I got, too. Uh, this is Carson, signing off. Man, that sounds stupid...
―Carson's answering machine, Santa Monica Suites Apartment #2

Carson is Arthur Kilpatrick's top bounty hunter.

He lives in the same apartment building as Mercurio does, owning a laptop and a chest with a videotape which can be given to Gary Golden, the Nosferatu primogen, for a sexy poster.

Carson tried to find McGee, an individual who tried to jump bail, but was eventually kidnapped and mutilated by a madman doctor, Stanley Gimble. Carson had his trigger finger cut off by Gimble, so he can't return to work for Arthur anymore.

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