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I found out a few months ago... my mother had an affair before I was born - turns out my father isn't a Giovanni at all. My real father's this writer named Michael Avellone... if anyone found out... I might never rise up in this family.
―Christopher Giovanni

Christopher (Chris) Giovanni is a minor character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is a mortal man belonging to the Giovanni family. If the fledgling chooses to help him over his relatives, he may indeed become a vampire in the future.


Events of Bloodlines

Chris has recently discovered that his father is not a member of the Giovanni family, as his mother, Cecelia Giovanni, is only a family member by marriage this information would seriously damage his prospects of advancing in the family. The fledgling can choose to divulge this information to either Mira or Adam, alternatively their secrets can be given to Chris to allow him to gain an advantage.

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  • With a high enough Seduction skill the player can attempt to seduce Chris. He will reject this however as despite the Giovanni tendency towards inbreeding he does not believe it is appropriate.


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