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You wanna know what my problem is? Alright, I'll tell you what my problem is, you ready? You are my goddamn problem! Anyone who would lay it down for some cape in an ivory tower deserves what they get!
―Damsel in Bloodlines 1

Damsel is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. She is a Brujah vampire, and member of the Anarch Movement, based in Downtown L.A.


Early life

Not much is known about her past. All that is known is that she has a deep seated hatred for Sebastian LaCroix and his sect.

Events of Bloodlines

Damsel is present at the protagonist's "welcome" to Kindred society and the execution of their sire, sat with her fellow Anarchs Nines Rodriguez and Skelter. Afterwards, she is seen talking to fellow Anarch Ash Rivers.

Events of Bloodlines 2

Damsel spent the last decade establishing the Anarch Free State in California before moving to Seattle to increase the Anarch influence in the Pacific Northwest.

Personality and Traits

Damsel is aggressive and passionate, both trademark Brujah traits. She can come across as grating to others, but she is well respected by some of her fellow Anarchs. Her passion comes across in her hatred for the Camarilla and her faith in Anarch values. She refers to the Camarilla elders with the term "cape," like other Anarchs do. She is not above respecting and admiring other people, but only after they prove themselves worthy.

Related Quests

Bloodlines 1

A Plague for the Angels
While exchanging words with Damsel, she mentions something of an epidemic among kine. Tracking down the plague bearer will complete your task.
The Enemy of My Enemy
Damsel reveals Nines' location in this quest.

Bloodlines 2



  • Damsel's beret is a reference and homage to Cuban Revolution leader Che Guevara. References to mortal revolution are also fairly common in Anarch movement themes within Vampire: The Masquerade.
    • A vampire resembling Damsel and sporting a Che T-shirt appears in Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition as a member of the Carthian Movement, a spiritual successor to the Anarchs of Masquerade.
  • Damsel is one of the women of the game that's featured in a sexy, nude poster given by Gary Golden if you give him his desired object.
  • Skelter compares her to an anti-Vietnam flower child, raging against the Camarilla without really understanding what it is, though he admits that she's rather tough and fierce for a hippie.
  • A Malkavian fledgling describes her as a "candy heart with a 'fuck you' on it," "damn sail," or "damsel of distress."
    • Otherwise, the fledgling refers to her as "a bitch, but in a good way."
  • She will appear again in Bloodlines 2.[1]
    • She has her own trailer video for Bloodlines 2.[2]

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