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Me? I'm like looking to redefine the vampire movie, okay. Tons of people make vampire flicks, popular characters - but me, I'm going to be doing the real deal, like, not only is it going to be scary, but it's going to be believable.
―David Hatter

David Hatter is a minor character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


Events of Bloodlines

David is a night clerk at the Luckee Star Motel. He is introduced formally by Velvet Velour, whose strip club he is known to frequent regularly.


Hatter is surprisingly optimistic despite his situation. When speaking to him while on Velvet's quest, he is convinced his screenplay will take the vampire movie industry to a 'whole new level'.

He also appears to be lonely. He is a regular at club Vesuvius, yet according to Velvet, he mostly just comes to her club to talk about his writing and his dreams. 

Velvet Velour considers him an important friend, in spite of her being a vampire, thus she would be devastated if something would happen to him.

Related Quests

B-Rated Writer
After completing the quest Hot Stripper Assassin Action! for Velvet, she will ask the fledgling to complete another favor for her. She tells the fledgling that a regular patron of her club is writing a screenplay about vampires that is far too insightful to be coincidental, and that he may be getting his ideas from a Kindred. Because of the risk this poses to the Masquerade, Velvet asks the fledgling to acquire David's screenplay without harming David and execute his vampiric partner.


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