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Daydream Believer is a quest available in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


Talk to Copper on the beach and use Persuasion (at least level 3) to confirm his superstitions about being able to become human again by killing the "head vampire" or going through a full blood transfusion. Note that while most of the actions which are part of this quest can be performed in any version of the game, they are only officially grouped as a quest if the Unofficial Patch Plus is installed.



  • (Optionally) Pick up the pack of bubblegum on the pier
  • (Optionally) Acquire three regular blood packs
  • (Optionally) Sell him three blood packs for $120 each
  • (Optionally) Sell him the bubblegum for $100
  • Pick up the wooden stake found beneath the pier on the beach
  • Sell him the wooden stake for $100
  • Tell him who the head vampire is Experience Rewarded (Icon).png 1 EXP Humanity Lost (Icon).png Humanity Loss (Masquerade Violation (Icon).png Masquerade Violation if the President is selected)
  • Quest Complete (Icon).png Quest Complete


There are three kinds of items that Copper is willing to buy, two of which can be collected on the spot and only one of which is necessary to complete the quest. Copper will buy any three regular blood packs for $120 each. They can be bought from the blood bank at the medical clinic or found in a variety of other places. In the unofficial patch, a pack of bubble gum can be found on the pier, inside the arcade between the Rampage and BLOODQUEST machines. He will buy it for $100.

The only item necessary to complete the quest is the Wooden Stake which can be found on the beach, beneath the pier next to the fence. He will buy it for $100 and then instantly ask who the head vampire is. Either reply earns Experience Rewarded (Icon).png 1 EXP and a Humanity Lost (Icon).png Humanity Loss. Choosing the President of the United States additionally results in a Masquerade Violation (Icon).png Masquerade Violation.

Instead of selling him any items Intimidation (minimum level 3) can be used to cheat him and make him pay $200 upfront. However, no items can be given to him after this, making it impossible to complete the quest anymore and thus it is not recommended.

Quest Log

Log Entry
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: Upon receiving quest:
One of the thin-bloods believes everything you say. Selling him what he wants could make you some money.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon).png Update: Upon completion:
You exploited the thin-blood and sent him on a suicide mission. Are you satisfied now?
  • Quest Complete (Icon).png Quest Complete


  • n/a


  • The quest needs to be completed before Hollywood becomes accessible since all the thin-bloods from the Santa Monica beach, excluding Julius, disappear at that point.


  • Copper's idea of becoming human again by killing the "head vampire" is a reference to the film The Lost Boys while the full blood transfusion is a reference to Near Dark.
  • The pack of bubble gum has moved locations in newer versions of the unofficial patch, where previously it was next to the trash can to the left of the arcade.



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