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The consumption of another Kindred's blood, to the point of Final Death.

The act of diablerie, also called the Amaranth, involves one Cainite draining another vampire of blood and then devouring their soul. Most vampires consider it a heinous act, akin to cannibalism. The aggressor, dubbed the diablerist, automatically loses a point of Humanity and is branded by black streaks in their aura that may persist for several years. Still, the practice holds a great deal of allure, for it is said to bestow the greatest pleasure imaginable, and can also grant greater power.

Diablerizing the soul of a Cainite is one of the few ways of lowering one's Generation, for if the victim possessed more potent blood then the diablerist's Generation drops by one, possibly more if the victim was of notably lower Generation. However, there is the risk of some portion of the victim's soul living on within the diablerist. Rumors abound of diablerists taking on the mannerisms of their victims, and even stranger tales speak of the victims consuming their assailants from within and taking over their bodies. Some Antediluvians and Methuselah are believed to have survived their death in this manner.

The Traditions of the Camarilla strongly forbade the practice under any circumstance until recent nights, but the majority of the Sabbat and Banu Haqim have always considered it quite acceptable, one of the reasons both groups are viewed with such fear and disgust. While one's rank in a Path of Enlightenment may fall as a result of committing diablerie, several Paths actually encourage vampires to perform the act under the proper circumstances.

Diablerie of Blood Hunt victims is now permitted by the Camarilla as a reward for Thin Bloods who have performed diligent service for the sect and seek to become full Kindred.


A diablerist can be detected extremely easy by a skilled practitioner of Auspex because of the change in their aura. They also lose Humanity and they become addicted to the high that they get from committing diablerie.

The Camarilla considers diablerie as one of the worst crimes a Kindred can commit in their territory, and will order a Blood Hunt to ensure the diablerist's destruction by any means necessary. The only exception, as noted above, is when the victim of Diablerie is the Blood Hunt's target.

Famous Diableries


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