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Dr. Ingvar Johansen (also known as Anders in the unofficial patch+[1]) is a major character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

He is a professor of archeology from Norway, the one responsible for finding the Ankaran Sarcophagus, and the only known authority on its origin and design. The fledgling rescues him from the Society of Leopold, while also learning about the Sarcophagus' history and the only method of opening it.


Dr. Johansen arrived in Los Angeles after he discovered the Sarcophagus. He checked in at the Empire Arms Hotel in Downtown L.A. with the purpose to better study the Sarcophagus at the Museum of Natural History. However, he was kidnapped by Society of Leopold vampire hunters who sought to protect him, as his knowledge of archeology would make him a target for the Kindred. This was proven true, as Beckett later tried to consult Dr. Johansen about the Sarcophagus only to learn he had been abducted.

Personality and Traits

A leading expert in the field of archeology, Dr. Johansen has immense knowledge of ancient history and artifacts. He has no knowledge concerning the existence of Kindred, and openly mocks the idea of a vampire sleeping inside the Sarcophagus. He is easily scared and has poor health, as he stated that he contracted pneumonia while incarcerated at the Society of Leopold's monastery.

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