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Ed, also known as the Ocean House hotel axe murderer, is a minor character known for killing his wife and children while staying at the Ocean House hotel in Santa Monica. Depending on the actions of the player, his spirit can be released from the hotel or trapped there forever.


Ed was described as "sweet, but jealous" by his wife in her personal diary. Several diaries left by her indicate that Ed suffered some sort of mental break while staying at the Ocean House hotel, obsessing over the pendant his wife wore daily, believing it to be from an admirer. In truth the pendant was from his mother-in-law. 

According to the diaries, Ed became increasingly aggressive, silent and brooding as their vacation went on, only speaking to interrogate his wife about the pendant. He seemed to light up when speaking to the hotel groundskeeper, however, which his wife attributes to "boys and their toys". It is safe to assume Ed got the axe he would later use to murder his family from the groundskeeper or his toolshed. 

Ed is also extremely possessive of his wife. The quest log and the interactions with the ghost of his wife indicates that she is being kept against her will by the spirit of her husband. He follows the fledgling around for the duration of the quest but is unable to harm them, with the exception of throwing pots, pans and decorative items at them. 

Related Quests

The Ghost Haunts at Midnight
Ed is one of the ghosts that Therese Voerman hopes to exorcise. He will attempt to stop the fledgling navigating the hotel.
Spiritual Release
Eds wife's diary will reveal him as the one who murdered the family, she therefore wishes the fledgling to succeed in order to free her and the children.


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