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You can call me Fat Larry with an F-A-T, cuz I know I got a weight problem an' I just don't give a fuck!
― Fat Larry

Fat Larry is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is a merchant and can give the fledgling the Traffik side quest.

Personality and traits

Larry is an arms dealer who runs his business out of the back of his truck in Downtown, next to the Venture Tower (in the Unofficial Patch Plus, he has been relocated to a more private spot in an alley next to the Confession nightclub). He usually has a laid-back and cool attitude and expresses himself much like a rapper. While he may appear like a small street criminal at first, it soon turns out that he is a dangerous man willing to make others pay in blood when it comes to business.

Quest giver

Once the fledgling has bought at least one weapon from Fat Larry, during their next conversation Larry will comment on the fledgling stocking up on arms and ask him if he may be interested in doing some business for him, offering the fledgling the Traffik sidequest. In the Unofficial Patch Plus, buying armor also counts toward receiving this quest.


Item Price Stock
Utica M37.png
Utica M37
$162 1
Brokk 17c.png
Brokk 17c
$324 1
Braddock 9mm.png
Braddock 9mm
$198 1
Fire Axe.png
Fire Axe
$324 1
Heavy Clothing
$387 1
Bush Hook.png
Bush Hook
$324 1
Steyr Aug.png
Steyr Aug
$675 1
McLusky Calibre 0.50 (2).png
McLusky Calibre 0.50
$540 1
$540 1
Ammunition Varies
  1. After completing the quest Dragon's Tail
  2. 2.0 2.1 After completing the quest Come Into My Parlor
  3. After completing the quest Italian Dinner


  • Checking Venus Dare's laptop reveals an email from someone named Larry who probably has a sexual relationship with her involving BDSM. Presumably, the email was sent by Fat Larry.

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