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The name's Flynn. Flynn Boyle. And I'm the proprietor of this here establishment. Anything you want, you can get at the Sin Bin. 'Depraved' ain't a four-letter word here, you know what I'm talking about?
―Flynn Boyle

Flynn Boyle is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is the proprietor of the Sin Bin, an adult store in Hollywood. He sells every kind of pornographic material under the sun, and has a peep show in the back of the store.


Flynn is extremely proud to be the seller of every 'kind of pornographic material known to man' and has sleazy personality due to his trade. This is especially shown if the fledgling is female. However, he can be easily intimidated.

Related Quests

Snuff Is Enough
After finding the first half of a snuff film in the Dead Ex quest, Isaac Abrams will ask the fledgling to seek out the second half of the film. He advises the fledgling to talk to Hollywood's local smut peddlers for leads, which in turn directs the fledgling to the Sin Bin.
Here Flynn can be asked if he knows anything of 'Death Mask Productions', the apparent creators of the snuff film. The fledgling must either Persuade or Intimidate Flynn to speak about what he knows, after which he will direct the fledgling to a payphone down the street from his shop where a member of Death Mask Productions calls every night.
Hot Stripper Assassin Action!
While completing a favour for Velvet Velour, the fledgling can speak to Flynn for information on one of his peep show dancers, Chastity. Flynn will inform the fledgling that Chastity is currently dancing downstairs, but won't do a private dance until all the other patrons are gone.
Cover Girl
If the fledgling angered Imalia when speaking to her, but then tried to reconcile with her, she will send the fledgling on a side quest to retrieve a copy of Guy Magazine, Spring Edition, where a photo of her prior to her Embrace is the cover.
The Magazine can be bought from Flynn, but it is now considered a collectors item, as Imalia has been "dead" for a year, and therefore offered to the fledging for $500. He can be convinced to sell the Magazine a little bit cheaper for $400.


  • Flynn dislikes both the Asp Hole and Vesuvius.
  • Flynn shares his surname with the Santa Monica Medical Clinic's administrator Danny Boyle. It is unknown if the two are related. However, both are perverts; while Flynn is a porn magnate, Danny loves to give his patients unneeded "pelvic examinations".
  • When playing as a Malkavian, Flynn is referred to as "The prince of porn".

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