Fortitude is a Discipline in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

It grants Kindred incredible resilience and the ability to resist fire and sunlight, the natural banes of the undead. Normally Fortitude does not need to be activated, and each dot is added to all Soak rolls.

Only Gangrel and Ventrue possess Fortitude as an in-clan Discipline.

Note: Fortitude is a progressive Discipline like Presence or Potence. It has no individual powers, just one effect which grows in strength.


Lv Duration Cost Description XP Cost
1 25 seconds 1 Adds 1 guaranteed point to all Soak feats. None
2 25 seconds 1 Adds 2 guaranteed points to all Soak feats. 5
3 25 seconds 1 Adds 3 guaranteed points to all Soak feats. 10
4 25 seconds 1 Adds 4 guaranteed points to all Soak feats. 15
5 25 seconds 1 Adds 5 guaranteed points to all Soak feats. 20




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