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A generation describes how far removed is a Kindred from Caine.


Caine, as the first vampire, is the first generation, the original vampire. As he sired Enoch, Irad and Zilah, they became the second generation and so on. Every Childe is one generation higher than his/her Sire. There have been a total of 16 generations of vampires, with the 14th and 16th being considered pariah, almost all of them being Thin Bloods.


Second Generation

Caine's childer, Enoch, Irad and Zilah, are the second generation and the sires of the Antediluvian. They were extremely powerful and passed down their powers to their childer.

Third Generation

Third generation vampires are called the Antediluvian, as all of them have been Embraced before the Great Flood. They were 13 of them, each of them being the progenitors of all the 13 original clans. Most of the Antediluvian are either dead, departed from the world of the living in the Abyss or became victims of Diablerie, though there are Antediluvian who still are active, such as the Tzimisce Antediluvian or Haqim, the Assamite Antediluvian.

Fourth Generation

The 4th generation is named the generation of the Methuselah. Each of them are the childer of the Antediluvian. Some of them are still active in the world of the Kindred and all of them are extremely powerful.

Fifth Generation

The childer of the Methuselah, they are both old and powerful. They have much influence and most of them are lords of great power in either Camarilla or Sabbat.

Sixth Generation

They are also very influential and powerful, having positions of great responsibility in the world of vampires.

Seventh Generation

The Elders, they are old vampires, both powerful and influential. Even though they are not as old or powerful as the Methuselah or the Antediluvian, they still hold much sway over the Kindred society.

Eighth and Ninth Generation

The generations of the Ancillae, these vampires are pretty young, but quite strong and they tend to sire many childer, in order to grow their strength and influence through numbers.

The Tenth Generation

Young vampires, they are usually rebellious against their elders, as they are searching for a path of their own in the eternal nights.

The Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Generations

Most of them are fledglings, new vampires. They are usually looked down upon because of their youth and the fact that they are prone to mistakes. They are usually just pawns for their elders, but some of them gained much respect in the Kindred society.

The Fourteenth and Sixteenth Generations

The Thin Bloods whose blood is so diluted that they can barely be called vampires. Most of the older Kindred views them as a sign of Gehenna.


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