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A ghost is a denizen trapped between the living world and the afterlife. They are the souls of a formerly-living human or supernatural beings.

Theory and Being

Theory has it that ghosts are stuck in a sort of limbo because they have an emotional attachment keeping them tied to the mortal world. This Varies from something left unfinished at the time of their deaths to having an object they cannot 'leave without'.

In Bloodlines, the first ghosts the player comes across are those who haunt the Ocean House hotel. Only by removing a locket which the ghosts are attached to from the hotel, and giving it to Therese Voerman, can the player stop the hauntings and allow the ghosts to obtain peace.

When the player explores the hotel, it is revealed that ghosts in the world of Bloodlines have a large amount of power over their environment. It is unknown if the ghost’s attitude in death affects how much they can interact with the environment, as both ghosts in the hotel can appear before the player and move objects in the living world.

Gangrel historian Beckett stated that there are only a few ghosts that are willing to give away their secrets.

Known ghosts


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