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A ghoul is a human who is blood-bound to a vampire.

To become a ghoul, a human must drink the blood of a vampire – who then becomes their regnant – and must continue to do so once a month to feel the full benefits. Ghouls are faster, stronger, heal quicker than normal humans, and do not age because of the vampire blood.

Ghouls have the potential, just as their Master does, to live forever feeding on vampire blood. In the game, the protagonist will be given the opportunity to make Heather Poe a ghoul.

Depending on the type of vampire's blood a ghoul receives, their personality may change. For instance, if a human is given Malkavian blood, they may experience some of the side effects of the clan, such as hearing voices, suffering from insanity, and predicting strange insights.


  • If a Malkavian Protagonist makes Heather Poe a ghoul, she will begin to mimic the clan's unique speech, and experience random outbursts of insanity. It is also said that a Nosferatu ghoul starts to change physically after a few years, becoming affected by the blood of the Sewer Rats.

Known ghouls


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