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As you burn, tell them it was Grünfeld Bach who sent your damned soul to that lake of fire! All agents of Satan shall return to whence they came!
―Grünfeld Bach

Brother Grünfeld Bach is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is an elite vampire hunter, a German Catholic fundamentalist, and the Inquisitor of the Society of Leopold.


Bach's family has long been associated with vampire hunting, having great hatred for Kindred, especially for the Ventrue Sebastian LaCroix, who managed to kill Bach's father and grandfather. Since then, Bach never ceased to hunt LaCroix.

Personality and Traits

Bach is completely devoted to his Catholic faith and his vampire hunting responsibilities. He hates every vampire and wish to exterminate all of them, viewing them as "servants of Satan". 


Bach is one of the most powerful mortals alive, capable of summoning so much faith that he possesses two supernatural powers: the ability to temporarily blind anyone within close to medium proximity, and the ability to render himself invulnerable for short periods of time. This is actually an application of True Faith, an extremely rare and powerful trait among the most fanatical hunters that allows their holy symbols to hold genuine power. He is also an exceptional marksman.

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