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Confession bitch send you?

Igor is a minor character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, who makes a short appearance during the A Confession side quest given by Venus Dare.

Personality and Traits

Not much is revealed about Igor who is the henchman of Russian mobster and loan shark Boris. He is an intimidating guy with an impressive physique who goes straight to the point and does not take no for an answer. He uses a lot of profanity in his broken English and demonstrates a hostile attitude towards the fledgling the moment he meets him. It does not take much to make him furious and draw his gun on someone. He is accompanied by two other Russian goons.

Related Quests

A Confession
Venus Dare has taken a major loan from a Russian loan shark named Boris, which she has not been able to pay back, and now has trouble with the Russian mob. She is supposed to meet Boris' henchman Igor next to the Empire Arms Hotel and deliver the money. When she meets the fledgling and learns that he's someone who can take care of himself she decides to send him instead, being fully aware of – but playing down – the risks. The fledgling then either uses his social skills, Dominate or brute force to deal with Igor.


  • Even if Igor is kept alive during the A Confession quest he won't make another appearance, even during later quests revolving around Venus or the Russian mob.


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