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The Luckee Star Motel is a location in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


The Luckee Star Motel sits between the internet cafe Ground 0 and the Cavoletti Cafe. Like many areas in Hollywood, it cannot be entered via the sewers. The surface entrance is most easily reached by using access point D. At night, the building is staffed by David Hatter and plays host to brief stages of several quests.

Related Quests

Motel Rooms

Room 2

Room 2 is locked and cannot be opened until the player reaches the correct stage of Snuff is Enough. The room was rented by DMP in order to meet clients secretly and distribute the Horror Tape.


  • Internet Cafe Key
  • Gold Ring under the right corner of the bed.

Room 3

Room 3 is locked with a level 8 lock. In the Classic version of the game this room is empty but when using the plus patch it has a laptop in it with a file called "Hint" under the directory "Easter Eggs". The password to the computer is "lycans". It contains a cryptic message for the player.

“Open doors here often, to the werewolf in the sky.

In the end the ending, you'll manage to pass by.”

This could be a hint about how to kill the werewolf in Griffith Park, but it is also instructions on how to unlock an Easter Egg. By opening and closing a motel door very fast, one can trigger a giant dancing werewolf to appear in the city skyline. Doing so also makes a special ending for the game available.


  • None.

Room 4

Room 4 is locked with a level 8 lock. This room contains a few valuable items.


  • Wallet with $200 on the corner of the desk.
  • Prescription Bottles (2) in the bathroom under the sink.

Room 6

Room 6 is locked and cannot be opened without the correct key card. The key card is acquired at the crime scene in the abandoned building across from The Last Round. This room was rented by Michael Durbin when he fled after the murder of his partner, Sean Milton at the hands of the Southland Slasher. However, it was an inadequate hiding spot and soon became the scene of his own murder.


  • Brothers' Salvage Business Card



Those playing a Nosferatu character should be cautious entering and exiting the building. It is extremely easy to commit Masquerade Violation (Icon).png Masquerade Violations by running into NPCs just outside the door.



  • A sign from the Luckee Star Motel now decorates the Nosferatu Warrens beneath Hollywood. Presumably, it was stolen.


  1. During Anarch ending


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