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The search for an L.A. sewer worker is beginning to look grim, as police and family end their seventh night looking for Luis Salvadore.
Newscaster when reporting on the disappearance of Salvadore.

Luis Salvadore is an unseen character in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.


He is the subject of a Channel 9 news report after his unexplained disappearance in the LA sewers. Although it is possible he was unaware, he is not the first LADWP employee to go missing, with disappearances dating back to 1957 (the records for these disappearances are found discarded in the manager's office within the Nosferatu Warrens). However, unlike previous disappearances, it is likely he fell victim to the Hollywood sewer monsters rather than the Nosferatu.

It is strongly implied that Luis is the author of the Clipboard found in the manager's office in the Warrens. Though it is not explicitly stated, it can be safely estimated that he went missing on the 28th of September or the 19th of October.

It is stated in the news report that he is a husband and father of three.

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