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Oh my god, are you kidding me? What are you using for security down there, a Trash-80? Guys, it's called "encryption." This is too easy; I'd let you off the hook, but stupidity always brings out the asshole in me...

Mitnick is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is a Nosferatu hacker present in the Warrens under the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. He is in charge of computer systems, Network security, and updating databases, then sharing them on the SchreckNet.


Early life

Before his Embrace, Mitnick was a lone hacker, spending most of his days cracking past systems and stealing coding patterns to better his own.

One day he came across a network which interested him, but as he tried to hack into it he realized it was more than it first appeared. Instead of giving up, he took it as a challenge. Spending days and nights trying to get past the site's security neither eating nor sleeping.

After three days he finally cracked into the system, unknowingly to him a Nosferatu system, only to be horrified by what he saw. He quickly unplugged from the site and tried to forget what he had witnessed only for the Nosferatu Primogen, Gary Golden, to show up on his doorstep two hours later.

It is considered that Mitnick was turned willingly, as he states, "Are you kidding? I love this shit!" when asked how he feels about his looks and current living conditions in the warrens. He comments on since he was Embraced, he has everything he needs and that "eternal life is a pretty sweet bonus too."

Related Quests

A Tangled Web
Mitnick will ask for the fledglings help in setting up new Nosferatu hubs in each of the main city areas. After accepting the quest from Mitnick all further conversation is done via email.

See Also


  • Mitnick once broke into a Government database and stole all of the US' missile launch codes. He then sent them to the president, according to Mitnick this had the FBI 'shitting themselves'.
  • Mitnick is another one of the NPCs who calls the fledgling by the name Kid.
    • Mitnick likes to call the fledgling Newbie as well.
  • Apparently the Nosferatu Network Mitnick hacked into wasn't even an important one, which explains how he managed to hack into it in the first place.
  • Mitnick is featured on one of the Promotion Posters for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.
  • Mitnick's name is derived from the surname of the famous and historical hacker, Kevin Mitnick.
  • If the fledgling is a Nosferatu, and they choose their words wisely, Mitnick can give the fledgling tips on how to 'get in good with Gary'.
  • He is the only one who uses various e-mail addresses for his conversations with the fledgling.




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