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There's something in this store for everyone. Everyone gets what they deserve.
―Mr. Ox

Mr. Ox is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is the strange proprietor of the Chinatown occult shop, The White Cloud.


Early life

Nothing is known about Mr. Ox's life before 2004. It is known that at some point in the past, a man named Lin stole from him.

Events of Bloodlines

Mr. Ox starts to employ The Protagonist after the vampire visited his shop one night. First, he sends them to retrieve the eyes of the man who robbed him in the past (who has been killed by the Tong). Then, he sends the fledgling to the Lotus Blossom to deliver a Bad Luck Talisman to someone.

Personality and Traits

Mr. Ox is a mysterious shopkeeper, peddling curiosities and trinkets — most of which seem to have very morbid origins and purposes in mind. He enlists the fledgling's help — first in retrieving a pair of "envious eyes" from the corpse of a thief, then in delivering a Bad Luck Charm to a target's locker.

Soft-spoken and even tempered Mr. Ox rarely shows any emotion apart from amusement over the deaths of the fledgling's victims. Should the fledgling retrieve the eyes from the dead thief, Mr. Ox will cheerfully treat the disembodied eyeballs as though they're still attached to their owner, saying to them, "Hello, Lin. Do you like it here?"

Mr. Ox is also very knowledgeable of the supernatural. It is unknown if he knows that the fledgling is Kindred.

Related Quests

Eye Gouge Hell
A thief who had once stolen from Mr. Ox has been captured and killed by the Tong. Mr. Ox, wishing to rectify the fact he has no eyes in stock, tasks the fledgling with retrieving them from the thief's body.
Bad Luck Farmer
One of Mr. Ox's customers has recently bought a talisman of bad luck. Mr. Ox would like the fledgling to plant the talisman in the locker of the customer's enemy.


  • While Mr. Ox and his origin is mostly unknown, a Malkavian fledgling will be too disturbed by the realization of what he truly is to say it outright.
  • If attacked by the fledgling, Mr. Ox laughs ominously and vanishes in a flash of light. This reveals that he is much more than a mere shopkeeper.
  • Chinese mythology mentions two psychopomp figures who guide dead souls to their just rewards in the afterlife: Ma Mian and Niu Tou. Their names mean Horse Face and Ox Head, respectively. As Mr. Ox's missions involve the recently or soon-to-be deceased, it is possible that he is a servant of Niu Tou, or Niu Tou himself.


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