Occult Items are a subset of items in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Occult Items may boost the fledgling's powers, grant passive effects, or decrease the chances of negative effects; excluding The Odious Chalice, which instead stores extra blood points for later consumption.

Note: Some of the item locations and the conditions to acquire them have been changed with the Unofficial Patch Plus. Both the default and the Plus Patch locations are provided in the table below.

List of occult items

Name Image Effects Location
Weekapaug Thistle Weekapaugthistle Adds 1 point to the Combat Defense feat. In a dresser on the upper floor of the Ocean House hotel. (Classic)
On a dresser in the library at Grout's Mansion. (Plus Patch)
Tarulfang Tarulfang Decreases the chance of Frenzy. On the floor in the room with the large electric device at Grout's Mansion.
Mummywrap Fetish Mummywrapfetish Increases passive health regeneration. At 609 King's Way on a table on the top floor right after entering the building.
Saulocept Saulocept Grants the fledgling Experience Rewarded (Icon) 1 EXP for every three or more points of experience. At the Giovanni Stronghold in one of the alcoves in the catacombs.
Galdjum Galdjum Adds a 25% bonus to the duration of passive Disciplines. In the Nosferatu Warrens. (Classic)
On the kitchen counter at the Skyeline Apartments haven on the fourth floor if you happen to get it from LaCroix (you need to be nice to him). (Plus Patch)
Fae Charm Faecharm Adds 1 point to Dexterity. Sold at Tseng's Herbal Remedies. (Classic)
Reward from Strauss for Gargoyle Removal Service if kept mouth shut about the Gargoyle's origins. (Plus Patch)
Heart of Eliza Heartofeliza Adds 1 point to Melee. Sold at Tseng's Herbal Remedies. (Classic)
Quest reward from Mr. Ox. (Plus Patch)
Bloodstar Bloodstar 20% Bloodbuff duration.
Note: When used in tandem with the Galdjum, they will stack for a larger increase.
Quest reward from Maximillian Strauss for completing A Plague for the Angels.
Daimonori Daimonori Adds 140% Thaumaturgy damage. In the Tremere Chantry haven. (Only accessible by Tremere fledgling)
Rune of the Third Eye Runeofthethirdeye Increases defense against Gargoyle attacks.
Note: It may possibly be a reference to the third eye of the Salubri.
Received from Strauss if asked about the Gargoyle during Gargoyle Removal Service given enough persuasion.
Key of Alamut Keyofalamut Adds +1 to Soak. Quest reward from Pisha.
The Odious Chalice Theodiouschalice Stores extra blood points. Reward from Pisha for delivering the Fetish Statue from the Museum of Natural History (part of Occultish Personality).

Restored items via Plus Patch

Name Image Effects Location
Zharalketh Zharalketh Adds 140% to Obfuscate duration. In the Nosferatu haven. (Nosferatu fledgling only)
Braid Talisman Braid of the Eagle Adds one point to Wits. Kamikaze Zen, near the first computer you must hack.
Antique Locket Antique Locket-0 Adds one point to Security. Quest reward from Mr. Ox.
Pearl of Dubai Pearl of Dubai Adds one point to Charisma. Reward from Isaac Abrams for taking care of the Tzimisce during Going the Way of Kings. Can only be received after meeting Gary Golden.


  • The Plus Patch restored a funny feature so that with a low Research stat, originally connected to the cut Occult stat, an occult item found somewhere may show up as an "occult powerup", and have varying humorous descriptions like:
    • "You have no clue what this thing is, but it looks eeeeeeevil."
    • "It isn't a WWJD bracelet, so you have no idea what it could be."
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