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Member, never let the stale, spongy cake of life keep you from getting to the tasty cream filling of success.
―Officer Chunk

Officer Chunk is a security guard working for Sebastian Lacroix.


He is a security guard, with delusions of grandeur who fantasizes about being a police officer. Chunk claims to have been in show business, working as security at many different movie sets.


Chuck is a very naive individual, the player being able to manipulate him very easily in their first meeting at the Gallery Noir. After his promotion as Sebastian LaCroix's chief of security in the Venture Tower, he gains more confidence, thinking that he is instrumental in LaCroix's protection. He is a friendly individual who is always trying (unsuccessfully) to seduce the player if she is female. He is also quite obsessed with food, often spying on the cafeteria using the security cameras in Venture Tower.


He isn't special in any way. Because he is a security guard, he is adept at using firearms. He has knowledge of laws and tries to apply them when possible.


  • Should the player kill Chunk early on in the Santa Monica level, he will then be replaced by his identical twin brother for the duration of the game. Chunk's twin always wears sunglasses, and never speaks a word.
  • If the player decides to seduce Chunk to gain access to the back door of Gallery Noir, Chunk will make reference to this while working the security desk at Venture Towers.  He will go as far as to suggest that there are some donuts in the back that the two of you could share. 
  • Despite being very friendly towards the other clans, if the player is a Nosferatu, Chunk will be extremely rude and antagonistic, saying "Mr. Lacroix's got no appointments scheduled for any gargoyles" and threatening to call the tabloids, and if the player resists he will mention there are cameras all over the building and that you will end up on the news "spoiling a lot of nice folks' dinner". 


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