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Pawnshop Lodgings is located above Trip's Pawnshop on Main Street across the street from the Medical Clinic and Devil's Brand Tattoo

The apartment number 508 is the haven for the fledgling player character. Although it meets the basic needs, a place safe from the sun and the eyes of the curious, it is also in a depressingly rundown state.

There is a desk in the corner with several notes, one from Mercurio and one from Maximillian Strauss, the Tremere regent. One of the drawers contains some pocket-money from Mercurio.

The laptop – Mercurio's note provides the password, "sunrise" – contains several email messages: one is from LaCroix, telling you to seek his agent Mercurio to receive further instructions. Also take note of the message concerning the "krimeputer" and the chess reference, you'll receive more of these.

There is a bottle of pills and a watch in the bathroom, probably left by someone in a hurry, and the fridge contains three bloodpacks. You can watch TV here for newscasts or your 15 minutes, or listen to the radio.

Across from that room is apartment 507, Marian Murietta lives there. Although the lock on the door can be picked, the player will eventually be able to find a key after starting the Jumpin' the Bail quest later. Under the sink, left from the door, lies a stealth skill book, "Peepin' – a Voyeur Field Guide".

At the bottom of the stairs, before the door to apartment 505, lies a newspaper which reveals, when read, the top-article for the day Carnival of Death, about a gruesome murder on the Santa Monica Pier. The apartment itself belongs to a Keegan, who is not seen or mentioned in the game and has nothing of value inside.

Apartment 506 is home to a Moore, who also cannot be traced in the game. This room is not accessible to the player.





  1. During Out for Blood quest.
  2. When fledging decides to keep her as own ghoul.


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