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Phil is a medical worker at the Santa Monica Clinic's blood bank.


Phil is one of the two persons who run the blood bank, the other being Vandal Cleaver, with whom Phil does not have a good relationship. Vandal loathes him and wants him dead though he has not yet attempted to kill him.

Despite being a good employee his performance suffered because of a medical condition which caused frequent bouts of flatulence. This may be the reason he was assigned to work downstairs with Vandal. His job may also have been in danger because of it.

He is Vandal's accomplice. He helped him get new "donors" for the blood bank and is in charge of keeping Lily, and others, captive in order to drain them of blood.

Phil is killed during the quest Thinned Blood. Since he is in charge of the captives, he knows the code to the freezer where Lily is being kept and can be convinced to give it to The Protagonist. After Lily is released, she kills Phil by draining him of his blood.


Phil's personnel file describes him as loyal and hard working. Despite committing immoral acts he seemed far less comfortable with it than Vandal if only out of the fear of being caught. He was an easily scared and insecure person, as he cracked under pressure and told The Protagonist the password. He hadn't a good memory, as he had difficulties remembering said password, and needed to associate it with the year of the Moon Landing (1969) in order to remember it.

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