Pimpin' for Romero

Quest-giver: Romero
Location: Hollywood
Reward: Experience Rewarded (Icon) 3 XP
+1 to Firearms or $100-$175
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisite: Dead Ex
Next quest: Snuff Is Enough
Pimpin' for Romero is a quest available in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


This quest is given by Romero, the caretaker of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. To acquire it one has to enter the cemetery through the hole to the right from the main gate and enter the shack down the hill. Romero will ask if the fledgling is willing to keep watch while he's out doing some business, offering the You Only Die Once a Night quest. By asking him if he needs help with something else he will offer this quest instead. Choosing this quest makes it impossible to do You Only Die Once a Night anymore.

If using Unofficial Patch Plus this quest can additionally be acquired after doing You Only Die Once a Night by returning to Romero afterwards and asking him how he's doing.



  1. Agree to find someone.
  2. Go into town.
  3. Find a prostitute.
  4. Persuade her to follow.
  5. Lead her back to the cemetery.
  6. Speak to Romero and get a reward. (Experience Rewarded (Icon) 3 XP).
    1. You can ask for money, in which case Romero will offer $100, it is then possible to push for more and he will offer another $75.
    2. If your firearms skill is 2 or lower, you can ask him to teach you how to handle a gun and you will gain +1 firearms. If your firearms skill is 3 or higher, you can ask him for a rifle.
  7. Quest Complete (Icon) Quest Complete.

Alternative method if female:

  1. Reciprocate Romero's interest. (Experience Rewarded (Icon) 3 XP)
  2. Quest Complete (Icon) Quest Complete.


After agreeing to help Romero find someone, go back to Hollywood proper and scour the streets for a prostitute. A recommended area is just in front of the Luckee Star Motel. After finding one, speak to her. She will initially show concern that her john is in the cemetery. Persuade her to follow.

Lead her all the way back, through the hole in the wall and the cemetery grounds, until arriving at Romero's shack. Enter. Speak to Romero for one point in the Firearms skill.

An alternative method of completing this quest is only possible if the fledgling is female and non-Nosferatu. Romero will express interest in the fledgling. Should the fledgling choose to sleep with Romero (Experience Rewarded (Icon) 3 XP), the fledgling may use Romero as a Blood Doll from then on. However, they will not be rewarded the point in Firearms, and they will receive an email from Romero later.

Quest Log

Log Entry
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: Upon receiving quest:
Romero is in dire need of some illicit lovin'. You have offered to bring a lady of the evening to his luxurious digs in the cemetery.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: After finding a prostitute:
Now that you've convinced a sleazy streetwalker to give it up for Romero, you need to deliver her to his shack of love.
  • Quest Log Updated (Icon) Update: Upon completion:
You have successfully pimped for Romero. Your mother would be proud.
  • Quest Complete (Icon) Quest Complete


  • n/a


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