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A vampire who has claimed leadership over a domain, usually a single city. They possess the authority of an Elder as described in the Traditions.

The title prince is primarily used to describe Camarilla vampires, while the equivalent office in the Sabbat is generally bishop or archbishop. During the events of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, the prince of Los Angeles is Sebastian LaCroix. During the events of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, the prince of Seattle is Alec Cross.

While the office in modern nights is synonymous with the Camarilla, the title stretches back to the feudal structures of the Dark Ages and is occasionally used by vampires who predate the Camarilla.

Generally, a prince is advised by a council of primogen, Elders representing each of the major clans of the Camarilla. The prince holds authority over unlife and Final Death by virtue of the Traditions. These rights traditionally include:

Princes delegate other offices: scourge, sheriff, keeper of Elysium and any other offices specific to the city. Princes are also the primary interface with the government of the Camarilla.

The powers and capabilities of a prince vary with the domain, powerful princes may manage the entire domain, while a less capable Prince may be nothing but a rubber stamp for his primogen. The Camarilla has no policy for installation or succession and will usually recognize the most powerful vampires who claims the title, though in few cases they may take a more active role in the installation of a prince.


  • "Prince" is used for rulers of either gender; despite the title's patrician origins, the modern usage of the term owes more to Machiavelli than royalty, and in any case sex has little meaning for Elder vampires.


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