Protean is a Discipline in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It is the signature Discipline of clan Gangrel. It uses their close relationship with nature and the Beast within themselves. The vampire using Protean gain the ability to see into the night with perfect clarity and they gain many animalistic features. The ultimate level of Protean is a bestial form, extremely powerful and violent, which allows the Gangrel vampire to kill many enemies with ease.

Because Protean's effects are obviously supernatural, using this Discipline in public places is a danger to the Masquerade.


Lv Name Duration Cost Description XP Cost
1 Gleam of Red Eyes 25 seconds 1 You gain heat vision, with a +1 bonus to Wits. None
2 Feral Claws 25 seconds 1 Your hands change to deadly claws that deal aggravated damage. 5
3 Will of the Wolf 25 seconds 1 You gain greater bestial prowess and a +2 bonus to Stamina. 10
4 Hunter of Night 25 seconds 1 You gain deadlier claws and a +4 bonus to Strength. 15
5 War Form 25 seconds 1 You assume a war form, with increased claw damage. 20




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