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To a ghoul, a regnant or domitor is the vampire who regularly provides them with vampiric vitae and is thus the source of their super human capabilities. Ghouls share a special bond with their regnant and will, depending on the regnant's capabilities, develop varying Disciplines. Over the course of the game, the fledgling may become a regnant.

Known regnants

Below is a list of vampires who are known to be regnants as well as their ghouls.

Regnant Ghoul
The Protagonist Heather Poe [1]
Sebastian LaCroix Mercurio
Therese Voerman Vandal Cleaver
Bertram Tung Knox Harrington
Kent Alan Ryan Patty
Isaac Abrams Romero


  1. Only if rescued during the quest Trick or Treatment.


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