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Far as I know, I'm the only person around Hollywood who considers marksmanship an art.

Romero is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is Isaac Abrams' ghoul, and caretaker of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


Events of Bloodlines

He looks after the cemetery at night (for the past several months as he mentions in dialog) to make sure that zombies don't get loose and go down Hollywood Boulevard. He watches over the graveyard until someone figures out a solution for the problem. He will attempt to flirt with a female fledgling, but not a Nosferatu. If the fledgling flirts back, she will be able to sleep with him. After the sexual encounter, Romero can then on be used as a "blood doll".


Romero is usually calm and has a friendly, eager-to-please demeanor. He also views marksmanship as an art. Due to himself living in a graveyard, he feels lonely and often seeks the company of prostitutes.

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  • His name is a reference to George A. Romero, a legendary director of many classic zombie films.
  • When asked about the cause of the rising zombies at the Hollywood cemetery, Romero replies that he doesn't know but lists several cliché causes from zombie films such as toxic waste and solar radiation, the latter being a reference to Night of the Living Dead, directed by aforementioned George A. Romero.
  • Also, his position as a care taker of a graveyard infested with the constantly reanimating dead is very reminiscent of the horror comedy Cemetery Man, what's more his appearance is very similar to that of the main character from that movie. His fixation on sex is also reminiscent of that film.

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