Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier
Location statistics
Located in: Santa Monica
Elysium: Red x.svg
Inhabitants: E
Lily [1]
Police officers
Enemies: None
Location of quest
Source of quest: Green check.svg
Action of quest: Green check.svg
The Santa Monica Pier features arcade halls, ball rooms and the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrom (carousel), a National Historic Landmark that sits on the pier, which was built in 1909. During the game the pier is closed because of a murder, but it can still be reached from the beach, through the parking garage in Santa Monica.

The beach is home to a group of Thin Bloods and one of them, Rosa, will approach the fledgling player character when they first enter the beach. Rosa is a seer and may give some hints and insights, some for a price, although their meaning may well remain hidden until much later. Others can be spoken to and some will, like E have a story and a quest for the fledgling.


Surf's Up
The seer Rosa will approach you when you enter the beach and tell you where the men you've been looking for have gone. Pass the gate and go up to the →Beach House

Carnival of Death
Go left on the beach, up the stairs and follow the pier until you reach the cops and the corpse. Your log should update but there's not much more to do for now.
Thinned Blood
E's interested to know what Thin Bloods are, his Sire, Lily hasn't told him much before she disappeared. She used to hang out at the Surfside Diner, the patron there might know more about her. →Thinned Blood

Daydream Believer
Copper is looking for a cure for his vampirism. The protagonist has the choice of either discouraging him or offering various fake cures for sale. (Only listed as quest in Plus Patch



  1. When rescued.


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