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Power is life to our kind. Those without power disintegrate into the nights of the past – hundreds of names I know once instilled fear, now unknown. You see it's not enough to attain power – one must also maintain power.
―Sebastian LaCroix

Sebastian LaCroix is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is the Ventrue Prince of Los Angeles, as of 2003. His succession to the throne has been met with great controversy in L.A.'s vampire community.


Early life

LaCroix was born in the late 1700s to the French aristocracy and he served in Napoleon's army. In his youth he was sired by a Belgian noble, a Ventrue Kindred. He spent his vampire years making allies, ruining his enemies and brokering deals. He traveled extensively, from Africa, where he encountered his bodyguard, the mysterious Sheriff, to London, where he killed Grünfeld Bach's father. He adapted to modern life well and always wears the finest suits.

It is shrouded in mystery how LaCroix, a vampire of the Camarilla, became the second prince of Los Angeles, the capital of the Anarch Movement. It is likely, however, that he became prince when the Camarilla responded to the Kuei-jin's defeat of the Anarchs in the city.

Events of Bloodlines

LaCroix is first seen when the fledgling and their sire is brought to be executed in front of a theater full of L.A.'s most powerful and influential Kindred. He executes the sire but is forced by an intervention from Anarch leader Nines Rodriguez to spare the fledgling. He then sends the newly created vampire to Santa Monica to solve the problems created by a Sabbat warehouse. He provides them with a haven, a bit of cash and a laptop. He also asks the fledgling to solve a problem regarding a blood pack containing werewolf blood being kept in the Santa Monica Clinic.

After the fledgling returns to Downtown, a new problem arises for the prince: The Ankaran Sarcophagus, a centuries-old artifact possibly containing an Antediluvian, a member of the third generation, the grandchilder of Caine and ancestors of all clans and bloodlines that exist. He asks the fledgling to investigate the Ankaran Sarcophagus and the theft attempt from the Elizabeth Dane, a ship that carried the artifact to Los Angeles. If the fledgling investigates without any bloodshed, the prince will provide to them with a nicer haven in the Skyeline Apartments in the Downtown area.

Afterwards, LaCroix has a meeting with the city's primogen, noting that Dr. Alistair Grout, the Malkavian primogen, is missing. The prince sends the fledgling to investigate Grout's disappearance, only to find that Nines Rodriguez was possibly involved into the primogen's death. He also discovers that Grünfeld Bach, a legendary hunter of the Society of Leopold, is after him. In the meantime, the sarcophagus had disappeared from the museum where it was kept. Seeking to recover it, LaCroix sends the fledgling to Hollywood, which is Anarch territory, to retrieve its location from the Nosferatu primogen, Gary Golden.

In the meantime, Jack, an Anarch elder, believes that the reason why LaCroix is so desperate to recover the Sarcophagus is so that he can diablerize the supposed Antediluvian sleeping inside it.

The prince's problems continue in the form of the Kuei-jin and their leader, Ming Xiao. He makes an uneasy alliance with her, knowing if that found out by the members of the Kindred community, he would likely be killed.

After the fledgling recovers the Ankaran Sarcophagus, Prince LaCroix employs the services of a well-known Kindred scholar and historian, Beckett. Afterwards, he puts out a Blood Hunt on Nines and the fledgling in order to destroy his most powerful enemy and to cover his tracks. Both the fledgling and Nines survive, however.

  • If the fledgling is loyal to the Camarilla, the Sarcophagus will never be opened and the Tremere regent Strauss takes control of the city (possibly by becoming the new prince). LaCroix is then stripped of his title.
  • If the fledgling is loyal to the Anarchs, LaCroix opens the Sarcophagus of his own volition and dies in an explosion set by Jack if the key is left behind. If the player chooses to open the Sarcophagus, both will die in the ensuing explosion.
  • If the fledgling is loyal to themselves (no faction is chosen), they can leave the key for LaCroix and he will die in an explosion set by Jack. If the player chooses to open the Sarcophagus, both will die in the ensuing explosion.
  • If the fledgling is loyal to the prince, they will open the sarcophagus for the prince and die in the explosion set by Smiling Jack.
  • If the fledgling is loyal to the Kuei-jin, Ming Xiao will possibly take control of the city, execute LaCroix, and tie the fledgling to the Sarcophagus, throwing him or her into the ocean.

Personality and Traits

LaCroix is a charismatic yet power hungry vampire. He cares only for himself, and though he claims that he wishes to use the Ankaran Sarcophagus to protect his fellow Kindred from the Kuei-jin, in truth, he seeks the incredible power it represents.

He is unapologetically demanding, lofty in his mannerisms, scheming and at times childish. He is also clever, reflective, tenacious and accepts his possible fate at the hands of the Kuei-jin with uncharacteristic humility that might be construed by some as defeat.


Despite his relatively young age, LaCroix is a powerful vampire. He is very skilled in the use of Dominate, being able to use it even under Elysium.

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  • LaCroix is the only character whose absence from Los Angeles by Night can be explained.
  • LaCroix is approximately 210 years old.
  • LaCroix is named after Lucien LaCroix, the powerful vampire antagonist of the vampire detective television series Forever Knight.
  • LaCroix is French for the cross.
  • LaCroix cannot be Dominated.
  • He speaks with an English accent, despite claiming to be French.
  • According to Mitsoda, LaCroix was based on Lord Bullingdon from Stanley Kubrick's 1975 period drama film Barry Lyndon. [1]

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