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Whatever, man. I choose not to submit: I signed away my rights once, and it landed my ass in a southeast Asian jungle with nothin' but an M16 and a shitload of questions. Now I'm dead, and the real hell starts. I'll be dust before I roll over and take it again.

Skelter is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is an Anarch, and one of Nines' most loyal and closest followers. Skelter believes strongly in Gehenna and the influence the Antediluvians have, through the blood, over all Kindred.


Skelter has a military background, serving in the Vietnam War. Is it unknown if he was Embraced during the war or at some point after. He eventually joined the Anarchs of Los Angeles.


Skelter is serious and no-nonsense, viewing individual freedom as the most important thing in the world for him, as his experiences in the Vietnam War changed his perceptions. He is very loyal to the Anarch cause and would become hostile to the Protagonist when he believed the player betrayed Nines.

Skelter is also very intelligent and knowledgeable, studying religion and the history of the Cainites. He views Malkavian insight as "creepy" and he doesn't trust ghouls. He appears to have a code of honor in which he won't kill a problematic ghoul just because he knew her master.

Related Quests

Attention Whore
An irksome ghoul named Patty has grown to be a problem after her master abandoned her. Skelter says her blabbing has crossed the line and requests that she "disappears." Skelter goes further to explain "I'd love to do this one myself, but I know her sire." This quest can result in the loss of Humanity.


  • A Malkavian fledgling addresses Skelter as Helter Skelter, the apocalyptic war Charles Manson believed would arise from tension over racial relations between blacks and whites.
  • He is the first vampire who has his name revealed in the game if the subtitles are active.
  • Despite most people thinking that he's a Brujah, according to his stats found within the game code he is probably a Gangrel. However, there are no official statements about his clan.

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