Skill Book

Skill books are items in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. When read, they increase a specific stat by one point. Reading a book is possible only when the fledgling's stats meets a minimum and a maximum requirement, and when their research skill meets a minimum requirement.

Merchants will produce and sell back duplicates of the books sold to them. An exception to this is Trip in Santa Monica — while the two books carried by him will reappear in his stock on subsequent visits, new books sold will vanish permanently.

Skill books

Title Stat increased Minimal stat. req. Maximum stat. req. Research req. Location
Peepin' – A Voyeur's Field Guide Stealth 0 1 2 Santa Monica, Pawnshop Lodgings, under a sink in apartment 507
Computers for Grandma Computer 0 1 2 Classic: Santa Monica, Trip's Pawnshop (can be bought x2)
Unofficial Patch Plus: Santa Monica, Medical Clinic, first floor
So You Wanna Shoot Things? Firearms 0 1 3 Classic: Santa Monica, Trip's Pawnshop (can be bought x2)
Unofficial Patch Plus: Santa Monica Suites, Carson's room
Scarlet Torkelson: Circus Performer Dodge 0 1 <=3 Classic: Grout's Mansion, on the floor in the Library.
Unofficial Patch Plus: Santa Monica, Ocean House Hotel
Brawling Manual (♀ No Means No) Brawl 2 3 5 Classic: Downtown, Empire Arms Hotel, penthouse
Unofficial Patch Plus: Jezebel Locke's suite
Kendo for Advanced Students Melee 2 3 5 Downtown, Skyeline Apartments, apartment no. 2
ABC - Always Be Closing Finance 2 3 6 Classic: Downtown, Empire Arms Hotel, Jezebel Locke's suite
Unofficial Patch Plus: Boris's Penthouse
Sobchak's Guide to Personal and Home Security Security 2 3 6 Museum of Natural History, basement, security room
Bad Monkey. No Banana! Dodge 4 4 8 Giovanni Stronghold, library, located in a desk
The Cowboy's Guide to Cyberspace by Case Computer 4 4 Classic: 9
Unofficial Patch Plus: 8
Hollywood, Ground 0
Art of the Quick-Draw by Ned Nederlander Firearms 4 4 Classic: 10
Unofficial Patch Plus: 9
Society of Leopold Monastery, second floor
Bustin' It: Harmful if Swallowed Hint Book Melee 4 4 Classic: 10
Unofficial Patch Plus: 9
Chinatown, Fu Syndicate


For build optimization, one has to weigh the costs of increasing the research statistic to meet the reading requirement versus the cost to raise the desired statistic directly or through a benefactor. This is likely obvious for books that require a research of up to 6, but beyond that it may be better to leave the books alone.


  • If the fledgling does not meet the requirements to read a book, it will be labeled as "Unknown" and say "You need an x ability of at least y to use this item." The item descriptions will also vary.
    • "Wow, you really wish you knew what “antidisestablishmentarianism” meant."
    • "You squint at the wiggly markings on the page, but can't quite make out what they say. Despite this, something in the back of your mind is thinking they say "illiterate dumbass"."
    • "You've been feeding on too many teenagers, go suck on a librarian and maybe you'll be able to figure this out."
    • "As you are a product of the American public education system, this tome is beyond your comprehension."
    • "In the World of Darkness, there isn't enough illumination to read this book... at least for you, duncemeister!"
  • "The Cowboy's Guide to Cyberspace by Case" is a reference to computer hacker Henry Dorsett Case from "Neuromancer", a 1984 cyberpunk novel.
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