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...Seeing as how you seem trust worthy or something. I got this special where you buy some really expensive burrito-tots or grapple juice and you get a free weapon of your choice...

Slater is the cashier at the Red Spot convenience store in Hollywood. He sells black market weapons to make extra money. He isn't at all careful who he sells to and will sell to the fledgling if they ask him about "the special".


In addition to working as a cashier and weapons vendor, Slater is a part-time musician. He is part of a band called Ebola Cereal which has a performance scheduled at the Crematorium, a club in an unspecified location. It is likely that Slater plays an electric guitar or bass, since he mentions buying amps as one of his major expenses.


Slater is very laid-back. His speech is casual and dotted with slang. While he does show mild concern about certain matters nothing ever really bothers him. When discussing the horror tape he seems more interested than frightened and he approaches the idea that the fledgling might be the Southland Slasher with little concern.

He is clearly bored with his job at the Red Spot but shows real enthusiasm when talking about his band or the various strip clubs in Hollywood. He is well acquainted with Flynn, the proprietor of the Sin Bin and was banned from Vesuvius for unspecified reasons which most likely involved some kind of behavior Miss Velour found inappropriate.

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  • If the fledgling is a Malkavian Slater assumes they're high and offers them some orange juice to help them come down.


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