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The Society of Leopold is a faction who exists to pursue and fight Kindred. They are a major threat to every group of supernaturals because of their extensive knowledge, training, equipment, and preparation. Currently, the organization is led by the monk Grünfeld Bach.

The Inquisition exists today, though no official church records speak of it. The inquisition of the modern world is known as the Society of Leopold. Many of its members are researchers and occultists, but some are fanatic vampire-hunters who, in true Torquemada-esque fashion, mercilessly root out and destroy the "spawn of Satan".

Society of Leopold Prayer:

“Lord, I pray now that you give me strength in battle. That I might overcome the hordes of Satan and his children. That I might wield the flaming sword of the archangel and defend myself with your shield of faith. And that my victories are many and my wounds few. That I might further your kingdom here on earth. And if I meet death tonight, then let it be first that I cast a mighty host of demons back into the lake of fire whence they came. And then rest finally in the light of your glory. Amen.”
―Said by Hunter inside back of the church