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The Southland Slasher is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is the serial murderer of Los Angeles, a Gangrel vampire who has killed five people in a span of two years.


Early life

The Southland Slasher, whose real name is never mentioned, does not follow the laws set by the Camarilla, nor is he interested in their customs or rituals.

On an unspecified day in either 2001 or 2002, his wife and children were murdered by inexperienced criminals trying to steal their car. The family was killed for getting in the way. Since then, the Southland Slasher has followed the trail of individual offenders to kill them, and avenge his family.

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The Slasher is a powerful vampire and a very dangerous and vicious opponent. Even though he doesn't know anything about any vampiric laws or elements from their society, he managed to learn about Disciplines, mastering his clan's signature power, Protean, to an exceptional extent, being able to completely changing himself into a powerful monster. The Slasher also makes great use of his strength to throw objects as big and heavy as cars to his opponents.


In a span of two years, five people in Los Angeles were killed so brutally, that the bodies of the victims were described as 'broken'. The perpetrator of these murders is the Southland Slasher.

Al Schmidt
Between 2002 and 2004, Al Schmidt was killed in Glendale. No further information about his death is available.
Mitch Iberson
Mitch Iberson was murdered and dismembered in March 2002 in Long Beach. His remains were thrown into the sea and, in the third week of March, parts of his body washed ashore.
Mike Mateo
In October 2004, Mike Mateo's corpse was found hanging from a light pole on the Santa Monica Pier, with entrails spilling from his shredded abdomen.
Sean Milton
In October 2004, Sean Milton was killed and beheaded in an abandoned building in Downtown Los Angeles, located opposite of The Last Round.
Mike Durbin
In October 2004, Mike Durbin was killed in room six, in the Luckee Star Motel, located in Hollywood. Unlike previous victims, Mike was not destroyed due to the fledgling interrupting the killer.


  • The facts, the modus operandi and other information perpetrated by the Southland Slasher, closely resemble those of the serial murderer, Jack the Ripper.
    • They killed a total of 5 people.
    • All victims were dismembered.
    • One of the Ripper's victims, Elizabeth Stride, was not dismembered due to an interruption; as with the case of Mike Durbin.
    • The police could never solve the case.




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