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Oh, I'm just trying to make things a little easier for those who find themselves, erm, disadvantaged. Giving a helping hand, you might say – a leg up. Uh, eh... bloody clever, that one.

Stanley "Stan" Gimble is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He was a Santa Monican prosthetist with possible acrotomophilia or apotemnophilia – someone with a strong sexual interest in amputees and sexual arousal based on the fantasy of being an amputee, respectively.


Early life

Prior to the game's events, Gimble cut off his own arm in order to "better understand how someone feels with a prosthetic limb." Afterward, he then kidnapped at least two men in order to amputate their limbs, McGee and Carson. His efforts were stopped by the fledgling, who then killed Gimble and saved Carson, although they were too late to save McGee.


Underneath his friendly persona, Gimble was a sadistic and obsessed individual with sick fantasies. He was also cruel, having no reservations to maiming a man to death and removing the other's finger.

Related Quests

A Bounty for the Hunter
The fledgling's trail to find Carson ends at a tattoo parlor, Devil's Brand Tattoo. After a phone call from Gimble, in which the fledgling secures a meeting, they go to his office down the street, and find both Carson and McGee locked in cells within the bowels of the building.
Replanting a Lily
If Lily is saved during Thinned Blood it is possible the fledgling to use Stanley as a replacement for Vandal's blood bank (plus patch only). This will reduce the character's Humanity.


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